May the fourth be with you!

May the Fourth, aka May 4, 2013, aka Star Wars Day, aka Free Comic Book Day. Probably not a bad choice of a day to start a new blog called Geek & Misc the Nomadic Geek.

My friend Rue once told me that I was the geekiest person she knows. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was incredibly proud to receive that title. I like comic books and video games and science fiction and robots. I make an annual pilgrimage to the San Diego Comic Convention. I have very strong opinions about fictional characters. I am, in no uncertain terms, a geek.

Thus, a blog. About geek things.

And on that note, let’s talk about Free Comic Book Day.

The first Saturday of May is an international event celebrating local comic book stores. As the name of the event may suggest, comic stores around the world hand out a fantastic selection of free comics (made especially for FCBD) to anyone interested. There are parties, costume contests, sales on regular stock… it’s like Christmas for Geeks.

Last year, I introduced a group of friends to FCBD. They were (understandably) skeptical of what I was describing. They just give you free comic books? they asked. Are you sure this is a real event? It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not! To quote from the FCBD website, “publishers apply to provide comic books at cost to retailers, who in turn give them away for free”. Simple as that!

But the best part of FCBD is getting out and supporting your local comic book store. The last two years, I’ve visited Lee’s Comics in Mountain View, CA.

 Standing in line to get our free comics

 The haul: freebies, plus a couple of regular stock items that I’ve been wanting for a while

I was too distracted by the crowds and the comics to take more pictures, so I’ll direct you to a blog post from last year’s FCBD, written by my friend Pablo.

(And a very happy May the Fourth to you! But don’t party too hard on Cinco de Mayo, or this Monday may be Revenge of the Sixth…)

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