About Me

My name is Michelle, and I am twenty-seven years old.

The most challenging question that people ask me is, “Where are you from?” because I’m not sure how to answer it. I currently have a mailing address in Texas, but that means nothing; at any given point in my personal history, my address has been in Antarctica or Chicago or Ottawa or Iowa City or Elsewhere in Texas or Orlando. In a nutshell, I’m pretty bad at staying in one place for too long.

This blog is to serve two purposes: the first, and primary purpose, is to blog about my upcoming travels. In the next few months, I will be traveling more than 33,000 miles by air, over both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Three trips, three continents.  Three geeky sites to visit (Hobbiton; Cardiff, Wales; and San Diego Comic Con). There are a lot of ‘threes’ involved, it’s all very symbolic, I’m sure. The second purpose is as an outlet for anything “geeky” that catches my eye; fashion, movies, books, it’s all game… even the games are game.


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