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Dallas Comic Con

I’m currently in between trips (California and Orlando), and have found myself in Dallas, TX for five days. My intention for this layover was to see my family, do a ton of laundry, and maybe catch the new Star Trek movie. Instead, I discovered only a day before my flight that this weekend happened to be Dallas Comic Con at the Irving Convention Center!

Not only was it going to be a great event with some of my favorite actors (Richard Dean Anderson! Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin from Firefly! John Noble and Jasika Nicole from Fringe!), but it was only 15 minutes from my parents’ house. And so, this past Sunday, I found myself forking over $30 for a neon yellow wristband, and joining the queue* to go to DCC.

(* the DCC manager came out to apologize for the long line at one point. I could only laugh; I waited a whole hour in line, which any SDCC attendee will tell you is nothing!)

The first thing I learned was that Nathan Fillion had canceled his appearance for health reasons. Huge disappointment! But there was still a lot to see at the convention, including a few panels that caught my eye.

I wandered the floor of the Expo Hall and found some awesome cosplayers:

And then headed into the panel room for my first panel, which was Star Trek: TNG featuring Levar Burton, Brent Spiner, and Gates McFadden.

They told great stories about how they came to audition for the roles (and how Brent Spiner almost walked out of the auditions because he’d prepared to read for Data, but was then asked not to!) and how their feelings about the show changed throughout the series. Some of the fan questions were kind of weird, though; I think I’ve been spoiled by San Diego Comic Con, where they screen all of the questions that are asked in each panel!

After the TNG panel was Adam Baldwin. While Nathan Fillion was at home with a bad eye infection, he did call Adam partway through the panel to describe on speaker phone, in detail, how nasty his eye was. (“Do you remember the time you left gummy worms all over my truck and they melted in the heat?” Nathan asked. Adam laughed at the memory. “Yeah, I remember.” “THAT’S WHAT MY EYE LOOKS LIKE RIGHT NOW!”)

Adam also talked about his new show that comes out next summer, called “The Last Ship” (on TNT), and about other projects that he’d done in the past. Someone asked him about doing stunt work, which got us a great story about his stunt double on Firefly. And at the end of the panel, he led the room in the Ballad of Serenity (when the show was on the air, he and his family used to sing it at the start of each episode together… awww!).

I’m kinda glad that Nathan wasn’t there, because it was great to have a panel with just Adam on it. And as much as I love Nathan Fillion, he does tend to steal the show!

After the Adam Baldwin panel, I found a trio of Browncoats wearing their Jayne hats, and had to snap a picture:

(If the words “Browncoats” and “Jayne hats” mean nothing to you, you are probably reading the wrong blog.)

And then the last panel of the day that I wanted to go to was the Stargate panel with Richard Dean Anderson and Tony Amendola. I hadn’t seen RDA since San Diego CC several years ago, but I remembered him as being a hilarious panelist, and wasn’t disappointed in that.

Unfortunately, the fans in this panel were pretty terrible… some questions were asked in very poor taste, which made the audience uncomfortable and clearly upset the panelists, although they tried to laugh it off. I wish fans would think before they ask inappropriate questions!!

RDA really dominated, which I think is to be expected; he doesn’t usually make con appearances, and he was the star of Stargate: SG-1 for several years, as well as being best-known for MacGyver.

Still, I think the bad fan questions spoiled this panel for me, and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to.

The con was starting to wind down, and I decided to walk around a bit before heading home. I got to meet the very lovely Jasika Nicole (Astrid from Fringe), and also found some great cosplayers:

A brilliant Daenerys Targaryen; this cosplayer put her costume together in only a couple of hours after seeing the previous week’s episode!

A DC heroes-versus-villains cosplay group

So ends my unexpected day of Geekery at the Dallas Comic Con! Apologies for the poor picture quality; I used a camera that I don’t prefer to use, and the result is… bleh. Two more days until the next trip!

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