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Visiting Google

Yesterday I got to visit the Google campus to have lunch with my good friend Pablo. I’ve spent the last few weeks in Palo Alto, CA (one town over from Mountain View, where Google is headquartered), staying with Pablo and his awesome family. Pablo and I actually met at the South Pole, when we both worked there in the Summer 2010-2011 season, but he’s back in the Bay Area and is kind enough to offer me his guest room whenever I pass through.

A couple of friends asked me what the campus was like after I visited Google for the first time last year, so I figured I’d snap a few pictures during this visit.

It was a gorgeous day, so we ate outside and caught up for a bit. I figured I should snap a photo of Pablo, as payback for all the times he’s caught me on camera for his own blog! (Pst, go check it out, it’s over here!)

Google has dozens of cafes scattered across the campus, and each has its own character (like Yoshka’s, named after an employee’s dog). We ate at the aptly-named Big Table, although there was another cafe just across the lawn.

The decision was made to walk for a bit after lunch, since it was so warm, and I got to wander over to my favorite Google employee… Stan the T-Rex!

When I saw Stan last year, the hoard of angry flamingos had been attempting to attack him… I guess he got hungry since then?

We ducked into a building to check out the surround-view Google Earth machine, which is an insane amount of fun. You can guide yourself around the globe, zoom in and out, and see cities and buildings as though they’re actually right in front of you! It’s easy to lose hours in this thing…

Google gets a rep as a magical place where everyone is super nerdy and super smart— a rep that’s totally well-deserved! I got to meet a couple of Pablo’s co-workers and learn more about some of the cool projects that are being worked on, like Google.org (which “develops technologies to help address global challenges”, among other things); I also saw a couple of people explaining the new Google Goggles (which are pretty cool).

After walking for a bit longer and petting some of the cutest dogs ever (Google is extremely dog-friendly!), it was time to head off. I borrowed one of the brightly-colored bikes and rode back to my car in style!

And that was lunchtime at Google!

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